Blackmon Tutoring


About Blackmon Tutoring

‌Blackmon Tutoring is a nationally recognised in-home and virtual tutoring company. We take pride in our commitment to matching tutors with students based on individual needs and qualifications. Our approach involves utilising the student’s classroom curriculum while also offering comprehensive study skills and test preparation programs.

‌With numerous years of experience in education, we provide instruction for grades K-12 and college across all subjects, including test preparation and foreign languages. All our tutors hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, many of our tutors are certified teachers, and we have specialists in education who excel in working with students facing learning disabilities such as dyslexia and ADHD.

‌At Blackmon Tutoring, we value diversity and understand the importance of catering to various needs. Our team includes tutors with diverse backgrounds, including former athletes, individuals who have experienced learning disabilities, those who have been home schooled, and older individuals returning to school. This diverse range allows our instructors to connect with students on a personal level, fostering a supportive learning environment. Our ultimate mission is to help students achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. We are committed to giving back to others and pride ourselves on providing affordable tutoring services, distinguishing us from many of our counterparts.

Meet The Founder

Jordan Blackmon has dedicated over five years to the field of education, providing instruction across various subjects for students in K-12 and college. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Houston Baptist University and a master’s degree from William Carey University, with a specialisation in education that equips him to work effectively with students facing learning disabilities. Remarkably, Jordan pursued these academic achievements while excelling as a dual-sport athlete and eventually transitioning into a professional baseball player.

‌His journey into education is deeply rooted in personal experiences. Reflecting on his own academic history, Jordan notes, “Although I performed well in school, I didn’t find it enjoyable. Asking for help was never something I embraced. However, as I matured, my appreciation for education grew, leading to academic honours throughout college.” The founding of Blackmon Tutoring was motivated by a desire to make a positive impact on the youth and give back to others. In Jordan’s own words, “Education is crucial, and while investing in it is essential, it shouldn’t be a burden. Unlike many competitors driven by financial motives, my goal is to make tutoring accessible to people of all demographics.”